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Better Translations   Übersetzungsbüro        Μεταφραστικό Γραφείο 

Contact Details

Irene Jagsch (previously Laux)

Maximilianstr. 2

80539 Munich, Germany

Phone: (+49) 89 / 7007 42 14


If you wish to order a translation or would like to ask about prices and delivery times, you may preferably send the file to be translated by email (up to 2 MB) or a copy of the document to be translated by post. Please also provide your contact details (full name, phone, email, postal address etc.), in order to receive further information as soon as possible. All communications will be treated as strictly confidential. Please also refer to the Privacy Statement.



Irene Jagsch (ehemals Laux)

Maximilianstr. 2

80539 München


Telefon: (+49) 89 / 7007 42 14





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