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Owner: Irene Laux

Phone: (+49) 89 / 7007 42 14



Irene Laux
Greek and German Lawyer

Sworn translator for the English and Greek language (1st District Court of Munich)

Abitur at the German School of Athens

Studies of the legal science at the National Kapodistrias University of Athens, Greece, and at the University of Regensburg, Germany

Degree in Law from the National Kapodistrias University of Athens, Greece

Member of the Athens‘ Bar Association

Since 2006 Admitted to the District Court of Athens, Greece

Since 2010 Member of the Bar Association of Munich, Germany

Since 2011 Admitted to the Second Instance Court of Athens, Greece

State Sworn Translator for English at the 1st District Court of Munich, Germany - Specialization: Law

State Sworn Translator for Greek at the 1st District Court of Munich, Germany - Specialization: Law

Since 2014 Admitted to practice under the professional title of Rechtsanwältin (attorney at law) in Germany

Since March 2017 Admitted to the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece (Areios Pagos)

2018-2021 translator at the Court of Justice of the European Union for German-Greek and English-Greek



Deutscher Anwaltverein Griechenland (German Lawyers’ Association in Greece)

Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) of Bavaria,

Bar Association of Munich, Chartered Institute of Linguists,

Athens Bar Association


Languages: German, Greek, English


Irene Laux

Maximilianstr. 2

80539 München


Kyprou Str. 52

16675 Glyfada, GR-Athen

Telefon: (+49) 89 / 7007 42 14





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